Also Sprach My Inner Muse

One day, Kendall appeared, a workmate who somehow got wind of my own dusty writings.  And also, Michele appeared, a dear old friend and writing cohort who is now published and is a formidable editor as well.  And together, these two inspired me, encouraged me, dammit, pushed me into revisiting my writing.  And my two archangels, in unwitting partnership, shoved me over the cliff so I had no choice but to start flapping those wings or crash to the ground in a bloody pulp.

So here I am, flapping.  Kendall and I  hired an attorney, formed an LLC and launched Percussion Publishing; a website to frame our writing efforts and offer the benefit of our experience to others.   

I re-read and re-edited my first novel, written fifteen years ago.  Michele also gave it a thorough editing review, which has resulted in a little more work for me, for her commentary is incisive and true, but the end result is going to be something really good.  

And Kendall, way ahead of me on the writing curve, has a marketable book ready to go and another in the works.  He is a machine.

And so we are launching.  Wish us luck.