Percussion Publishing Releases Preview Chapters of Vault 21-12

NEW YORK: In an effort to promote the June 4th release of Vault 21-12, Percussion Publishing released the first several chapters today. Readers are free to read/download a PDF of the first four chapters.

“We are excited to share this tease of Kendall Smith’s new international thriller. We’re confident readers will be enticed to purchase the book and continue reading on June 4th.

Percussion Publishing will release Vault 21-12 on Thursday, June 4th, and ad campaigns are slated to run on Facebook, Google, and other media outlets.

About Vault 21-12 (Synopsis): A pair of estranged half brothers who share only faint memories of their murdered father… Their grandfather, a heroic World War Two veteran, with a secret he took to the grave… A vault in a Swiss bank that holds all the answers, for those who have the key.

 For half brothers John and Alan Devenger, the world changes when their grandfather dies and leaves them a most unusual bequest—the truth about their father’s murder and directions to a mysterious vault. It was Everett’s dying wish that the brothers reconcile and work together to claim the prize.

But lying in wait are the descendants of Nazi officers who will stop at nothing until they possess the vault’s contents for themselves. Unlike the Devenger brothers, they know exactly what is at stake.

Vault 21-12 Cover