The Day and The Hour Approaches!

I had been struggling with the title of the book, Percussion Publishing's second novel to be released in the coming months, for quite a long time, thinking it was too common, too obvious, too generic.   My project has been in development under the working title of "The Second Coming".

Discussing this with my editor, she said to me, "Don't worry, as you edit the book and read through it again, the true title will come to you."  I nodded, doubting, but hoping.  But then, one early, pink sky morning, as I lathed through the words and arcs of my tale and its characters, I came across a quote from the mouth of one of the main characters, and I knew.

I had read through these scenes dozens of times and not seen it.  But now, having reworked and shortened this one dialogue and put it into a different setting, it came shining out. 

"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”

From the Book of Matthew.  An appropriate source, from deep within the tendrils of the tale.

The Day and The Hour is a story about Man versus God.  A tale of adventure and drama,  told in the midst of a near future geo-political crisis that threatens to bring about the much prophesied Judeo-Christian Apocalypse, but with a twist.  This time there actually is a Messiah.  But is he what he seems?

The Day and The Hour  will take you from the halls of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, to the War Rooms of the U.S. Government and Israel, to the darkest and most ancient,  secret chambers beneath the Vatican, as the mystery of exactly who is Yordon Antropos unfolds. A monk from ancient Athos, he can seemingly perform miracles and starts to preach an increasingly aggressive philosophy all his own, which soon upsets the  geo political and theological balance of our modern day world and sends the planet spiraling down a funnel towards the End Times.  Only one thing can stop him, and it is up to Father Thomas Prisciotti, a doubting priest from the Chicago Archdiocese, to find the wit and the will to use this weapon against the mad God.

The Day and The Hour is in its final edits, after which it goes to the creative team for review before rendering the cover art,  then on to the specification of mechanicals required for publishing, ISBN numbers, etc... and then, it will publishing time!     Look for it on Amazon and Kindle this Fall.