Trumpicana is coming!

Percussion Publishing is very excited about its upcoming project, Trumpicana!    We've seen the artwork and the graphic design mockups and they look great!  And the stories are great!  We are sure you will 100% satisfied with this tasty treat, soon to be available on Amazon and Kindle in July!   Stay tuned for more news as we approach the publication date!

Here's the back cover blurbs:

In the current election cycle, ridiculous is the new sublime. That makes it the new normal... and that is the definition of satire. Presenting two satirical stories set in the age and the aftermath of Trump!

Performance Anxiety

Presley Acuna

It’s the year 2032 and the Trump Presidency has come and gone, but it has left in its wake far reaching effects. In the last round of competition of The 2032 Presidential Smackdown, it finally comes down to SENATOR RANDALL BRADLEY, the last establishment politician, and the mysterious MISTER X, the nation’s first super hero. Who will prevail in a series of contests, verbal and physical, to win over the hearts and minds of America?

White House arrest

By Kendall Smith

The President-elect, RONALD DRUMPF is moments away from taking office. His victory shocks the world, but for some, old wounds are re-opened. Unbeknownst to Drumpf, COURTNEY MURRAY, the Director of the Secret Service, has a score to settle with the man. Fortunately, a multitude of Washington D.C. power brokers are ready to support her.

Two Pulp Fictions from Percussion Publishing coming to you in July!   Put it on your to-buy list!