Percussion Publishing Releases Trumpicana

NEW YORK:  Percussion Publishing has released a satirical novella, titled Trumpicana, including two short stories set in the age of and in the aftermath of a hypothetical Trump Presidency. The stories represent the work of published authors, Presley Acuna and Kendall Smith.

The cover features a caricature by Jason Seiler, the highly acclaimed illustrator. Seiler’s work has been featured in Rolling Stone, Time Magazine, the New Yorker, the New York Times, among others. 

Available now on Amazon & Kindle

Available now on Amazon & Kindle

In the first story, White House Arrest, by author Kendall Smith, President-elect Ronald Drumpf, is moments away from taking office. Unbeknownst to Drumpf, COURTNEY HARPER, The Director of the Secret Service, has a score to settle with the man. Fortunately, a multitude of Washington D.C. power brokers are ready to support her.

 In the second story, Performance Anxiety, by author Presley Acuna, it’s the year 2032 and the Trump Presidency has come and gone, but it has left in its wake far reaching effects. In the last round of competition of The 2032 Presidential Smackdown, it finally comes down to SENATOR RANDALL BRADLEY, the last establishment politician versus the mysterious MISTER X, the nation’s first super hero.

The book is 100 pages in length and is priced at $6.99 on Amazon. The Kindle edition is available for $2.99.

“My story is a broad satire”, commented Mr. Acuna, “but also an important commentary about the de-evolution of the political process in America, and what the consequences of that might be if drawn out to a far-fetched but, then again, maybe not so far-fetched, conclusion.”

“This year’s election features one candidate who comes equipped with a gargantuan ego. As an author who appreciates satire, I look forward to providing Donald Trump with a good literary thumping.” Added the author, Kendall Smith.

 About the Authors

PRESLEY ACUNA writes unconventional thrillers, based in reality, but which take unexpected turns into the realms of fantasy, magical realism, science fiction and horror. He is also the author of The Day and The Hour (Percussion Publishing, 2016), an apocalyptic thriller. When he is not writing, he is working as a systems engineer on the dot com frontier. He is also a musician, and former member of the Supertones. He is a born and raised New Yorker, living in Brooklyn.

 KENDALL SMITH lives in Bergen County, New Jersey with his wife and son. He is employed in the ad tech industry and writes in the morning before going to his day job. He is an avid traveler who often cites his knowledge of different countries and cultures in the pages of his stories. Kendall is the author of two novels, both of which are thrillers: Vault 21-12 (Percussion Publishing, 2015) and Double-Edged Justice (2007). In his spare time he is a drummer in a New York City cover band, plays acoustic guitar and takes pleasure in being a father.

 About Percussion Publishing

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