Percussion Publishing Commissions Jason Seiler for Work on Forthcoming Novella

NEW YORK: Trumpicana, Percussion Publishing’s forthcoming satirical novella will feature work by Jason Seiler, the world renowned illustrator.

Courtesy Jason Seiler,

Courtesy Jason Seiler,

The visual will play a central role in showcasing the overall theme of the book, which features short stories by authors Presley Acuna and Kendall Smith.

Jason’s illustrations and paintings have been featured as covers and interior pieces for Adobe, Rolling Stone, TIME, The New Yorker, the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, among others.

In addition to illustrations, Seiler has worked with Imaginism Studios, including as a character designer on Tim Burton’s "Alice In Wonderland," helping create such characters as the Red Queen, the Tweedles and the Bandersnatch. Most recently, Seiler painted six stamps for the United States Postal Service's Forever series.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with one of the best illustrators in the business,” said Kendall Smith, author of the short story, White House Arrest.

“The combination of our satirical fictions theorizing outcomes of a Trump Presidency with tongues firmly planted in cheeks, and the rapier artwork of Mr. Seiller will make for a 100% concentrated, enjoyable experience for readers of Trumpicana,” added Presley Acuna, author of the short story, Performance Anxiety.

Presley Acuna is the author of the 2016 thriller, The Day and The Hour. Kendall Smith penned Vault 21-12 in 2015. Both thrillers remain available on Amazon and Kindle.

Trumpicana will be made available on Amazon and Kindle for pre-orders in the near future and released officially in late July. It will be made available in English globally wherever Amazon and Kindle services are available. Pricing has yet to be determined.

Trumpicana Synopsis:

In the current election cycle, ridiculous is the new sublime. That makes it the new normal… and that is the definition of satire. Trumpicana will features two satirical stories set in the age and aftermath of Trump!

About Percussion Publishing:

Percussion Publishing is an independent publishing house dedicated to new and aspiring authors, publishing stories and novels that provide a fresh perspective on writing, storytelling and helps facilitate relationships with exceptional resources. Our mission is to provide the clearest line of sight between authors, readers and great stories. To enable widespread distribution through digital retailers like Amazon, Kindle, Nook and Apple. We service an audience of millions, one reader at a time.

The Day and The Hour Approaches!

I had been struggling with the title of the book, Percussion Publishing's second novel to be released in the coming months, for quite a long time, thinking it was too common, too obvious, too generic.   My project has been in development under the working title of "The Second Coming".

Discussing this with my editor, she said to me, "Don't worry, as you edit the book and read through it again, the true title will come to you."  I nodded, doubting, but hoping.  But then, one early, pink sky morning, as I lathed through the words and arcs of my tale and its characters, I came across a quote from the mouth of one of the main characters, and I knew.

I had read through these scenes dozens of times and not seen it.  But now, having reworked and shortened this one dialogue and put it into a different setting, it came shining out. 

"But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.”

From the Book of Matthew.  An appropriate source, from deep within the tendrils of the tale.

The Day and The Hour is a story about Man versus God.  A tale of adventure and drama,  told in the midst of a near future geo-political crisis that threatens to bring about the much prophesied Judeo-Christian Apocalypse, but with a twist.  This time there actually is a Messiah.  But is he what he seems?

The Day and The Hour  will take you from the halls of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, to the War Rooms of the U.S. Government and Israel, to the darkest and most ancient,  secret chambers beneath the Vatican, as the mystery of exactly who is Yordon Antropos unfolds. A monk from ancient Athos, he can seemingly perform miracles and starts to preach an increasingly aggressive philosophy all his own, which soon upsets the  geo political and theological balance of our modern day world and sends the planet spiraling down a funnel towards the End Times.  Only one thing can stop him, and it is up to Father Thomas Prisciotti, a doubting priest from the Chicago Archdiocese, to find the wit and the will to use this weapon against the mad God.

The Day and The Hour is in its final edits, after which it goes to the creative team for review before rendering the cover art,  then on to the specification of mechanicals required for publishing, ISBN numbers, etc... and then, it will publishing time!     Look for it on Amazon and Kindle this Fall.




Kindle Countdown Deal: Vault 21-12, Starts September 2nd

NEW YORK: Percussion Publishing is offering VAULT 21-12 for a limited time this week at a special rate for the forthcoming holiday weekend via Kindle devices.

Starting September 2nd, readers can buy VAULT 21-12 for $0.99 (Wednesday). Prices go up to $1.99 on Thursday and $2.99 the following day before returning to regular pricing. 

To date, Kendall Smith's novel has procured a 5-star rating and is available exclusively on Kindle and Amazon (print). The thriller touches on the history of World War Two, lost war booty and what remains hidden in a secret Swiss vault. Descendant Nazis are tipped off and set a lethal trap for the protagonists.

Vault 21-12, on sale this week for a limited time.

Vault 21-12, on sale this week for a limited time.

Author of Vault 21-12 Comes Clean: A Huge RUSH Fan

The author of VAULT 21-12, Kendall Smith, sat down with the managers at Percussion Publishing to discuss his latest work. The interview reveals a hidden admiration for his favorite rock band, and how it influenced the title itself.


PP  - So tell us, where did the concept of Vault 21-12 come from?

Kendall - I’ve always been an avid fan of history, and when you start delving deeper into World War Two, there are many more layers of intrigue there to be discovered.

PP - Such as?

Kendall - The Nazis were exceptional thieves, on top of being the scum of the earth. They looted everything. Robert Edsel’s book, The Monuments Men, does a fantastic job detailing the heist of priceless artwork, for example. Vault 21-12 touches on another area of theft, one I won’t reveal here as it would be a huge spoiler for readers.

PP - Okay, let’s talk about the title. Where did you come up with Vault 21-12?

Kendall - I wanted the word Vault in the title for obvious reasons. The story swirls around a mysterious Swiss bank vault, which was opened at the conclusion of World War Two. No one, except for the paternal and heroic grandfather in the story, knows what is in it. When he dies, two grandsons have to figure out what's contained within the vault, and plan to travel to Switzerland. Unbeknownst to them, descendant Nazis have set a lethal trap.

PP - The grandfather, his name is Everett Devenger. Why refer to it as a numbered vault? Why not Everett’s Vault, for example?

Kendall - Because no one knows who Everett is, it’s vague, and remember, this is a secret Swiss vault. I wanted a number to give it a more authentic reference point,  i.e. it is one of thousands, for example. There’s truth behind that, by the way. Swiss banks routinely did business and accepted deposits by Nazi officers.

PP - And the 21-12 number, we can assume you’re a fan of Rush, the rock band?

Kendall - I will admit here, in sound body and mind, that I am a huge fan of Rush. It was an indirect way for me to tip my hat to Geddy, Neil and Alex.

PP - How touching. What’s your connection with the band?

Kendall - There’s no connection per se’, I needed a number, and from a thematic standpoint, Rush’s 21-12 song touches on one of the themes in the book. It stuck out in my mind.

PP - That’s a pretty big gesture on your part, to name the title of your book after a band’s album.

Kendall - Well, I was a fan on many levels. I was a drummer growing up, I still play in cover bands in New York City when I can. It’s not easy being a dad, a writer, having a full-time job and having other hobbies like tennis. But who am I to bitch and moan, right? I aspired as a young drummer to play like Neil Peart and practiced for hours in my Mom’s basement. It literally took me three months to learn La Villa Strangato, and before that I spent a good part of my adolescence learning Red Barchetta, Tom Sawyer, Free Will and what not. I Love that band!

PP - You were able to play La Villa Strangato?

Kendall - I could. Look, I did the best I could and my friends said at the time that when I played it, my rendition didn’t suck. That’s good enough in my book.

PP - So how are sales of Vault 21-12 going?

Kendall - Solid, simmering down as we’re three months past the release date. Percussion Publishing is making it available next week for a special price, a countdown deal, starting on Tuesday for the forthcoming holiday weekend.

PP - It is priced right now for $3.99 on Kindle and $12.79 via Amazon print. Why the discount offer now?

Kendall - It’s the discount before prices are raised in September.

PP - So tell us, you self published the novel, Double-Edged Justice in 2007, Vault 21-12 came out in 2015, what were you doing between those two publishing efforts?

Kendall - Studying Buddhist-temple architecture in Laos and Cambodia.

PP - Wow, that seems surreal. Really?

Kendall - No, not really. I’m bullshitting you. I was working my butt off in New York during the great recession, and I tried my hand as a political-satire blogger.

PP - How did that turn out?

Kendall - Not too good. It takes a special skill set and a tenacious appetite to publish to be a good blogger. I admire those who can make a living at it.

PP - So, is your blog still live on the web?

Kendall - Yes, but I’m not sharing it here.

PP - Why?

Kendall - Because frankly, now the work would come off as dated, and the material was funny less often than not, to put it mildly. It didn’t take off. I returned to my first passion, novel writing. I just love it.

PP - What’s your next book about?

Kendall - Still in the works as you know. Percussion Publishing will debut it sometime next year and the independent publisher will tease the story and cover sometime in the spring.

PP - Do you plan to use another band’s album title? Is that your trademark moving forward?

Kendall - No, but every Rush fans knows what the number 21-12 means. So shoot me for picking a number that actually meant something important to me.

PP - Can you play La Villa Strangato on the drums sometime soon and feature it on YouTube for everyone to see?

Kendall - When I can find 10 hours a week to rehearse, over the course of an entire month – yes, I would back up what I’m saying with proof. Here’s video of my old band, LemonShade, playing Passage to Bangkok and Tom Sawyer from a few years back. The drum sets were sub-par, and the recordings are mediocre, but it’s better than nothing.

Vault 21-12 is also available to download and read for free via Kindle Unlimited, and free to Prime members as well who have the Kindle App. 

Check back next week to buy Vault 21-12 during Percussion Publishing's special Countdown Deal, starting on Tuesday, September 1st. Below is the synopsis of Vault 21-12, Kendall Smith's latest international thriller.

Special Offer: Vault 21-12 Free in August via Kindle Unlimited

NEW YORK: Percussion Publishing is providing Vault 21-12, our latest thriller, free to readers via the Kindle Unlimited program for the month of August.

Kindle Unlimited is currently available free to the public for a 30-day trial. During that time, over 800,000 books can be accessed. Thereafter, the charge is $9.99 a month. Free subscription details can be found here. Prime members automatically qualify for Kindle Unlimited services.

Vault 21-12 is rated 5 stars by Amazon / Kindle readers and is also available for purchase from Amazon ($12.45) and Kindle ($3.99).

Elementary School Teacher Encouraged Author To Pursue His Passion

Guest Blog Post by Kendall Smith, Author of Vault 21-12

RIDGEWOOD, NEW JERSEY:  There is little doubt that teachers (good ones) can have a profound impact on the students they teach. Fortunately, I had an exceptional one who motivated me to follow my passion.

My second novel (Vault 21-12) continues to sell on Amazon and Kindle after debuting earlier in June. It is a thriller that represents a four-year effort and fortunately it has garnered solid reviews. I can directly associate my interest in writing back to one teacher at the Ho-Ho-Kus Elementary School. Fortunately, she was kind enough to provide me with a keepsake that motivated me to pursue the art of writing.

Mrs. Stenvall was my Ho-Ho-Kus Elementary School English teacher during the 1983-1984 school year and it represented my last before entering high school. She was one of the good ones, as many teachers were at that particular institution. The writing assignments she gave us included some freestyle opportunities; Write what ever you want. Given my age and interests at the time, I took a rather liberal interpretation to the assignment.

I wrote about war.

It was gory, it was detailed, and it raised her eyebrows on more than a few occasions. She did however see something in how I approached the assignment. I recall her telling me that despite the brutality of the short stories themselves, there was an element of talent in how I told them (her words, not mine). When asked if I could try to write about something else, I declined, but she encouraged me to keep writing.

Dozens of stories poured out thereafter. It was the result of reading too many Vietnam War novels during my adolescence. I can only imagine what went through her mind when she read these, but she never once discouraged me to stop writing. On many levels, it was thoughtful; She could see I was passionate about the subject.

Graduation day came in late June of 1984 and when it did, she handed me a gift. It was a book titled, The Next To Nothing Book, and it was filled with blank pages. It encouraged one to write down ideas, memories and stories. She inscribed the book and noted she was sure I would be published one day. I cannot recall her exact words, but it did indeed light a fire in me. I have treasured this keepsake not only for the message it conveyed, but also her hope that I would pursue writing.

The book she gave me sat on my bookshelf for decades, but not a year went by when her suggestion, and encouragement, didn’t come to mind. My first novel was self published in 2007 (Double-Edged Justice), a satirical blog project followed but I returned to penning thrillers in 2011. I have another that will be published by Percussion Publishing this year and a special project in draft mode that will see the light of day in 2016.

It’s going to take a case of dementia or Alzheimer's to shut me up at this point and I hope I can contribute (on some level) to what Walt Whitman referred to in Leaves Of Grass: “That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.”

Thank you Mrs. Stenvall.

A book that inspired the author, and his latest thriller, Vault 21-12

A book that inspired the author, and his latest thriller, Vault 21-12


Percussion Publishing Releases Vault 21-12, a Thriller by Kendall Smith

NEW YORK:  Percussion Publishing released its latest thriller today, VAULT 21-12, by Kendall Smith. It is both an international and cross-generation thriller that harks back to the end of World War Two, and the mysterious contents in a Swiss bank. The story is set in the modern day, where descendants from both sides of the war clash to secure the vault's contents for themselves.

It is being made available on Amazon, Kindle and Nook digital services in both print and e-reader formats. Readers can find it via the links provided.

Readers are encouraged to engage with the author, Kendall Smith via Twitter (@authorkendall), Percussion Publishing’s Facebook page and via email. (

Feedback is welcome, and for those who enjoy Vault 21-12, we encourage them to provide feedback via Amazon’s Customer Review section, located on the page dedicated to Vault 21-12.

Brief synopsis: Two brothers inherit a World War Two-era Swiss vault from their heroic grandfather: Descendant Nazis set a lethal trap.  

Also Sprach My Inner Muse

One day, Kendall appeared, a workmate who somehow got wind of my own dusty writings.  And also, Michele appeared, a dear old friend and writing cohort who is now published and is a formidable editor as well.  And together, these two inspired me, encouraged me, dammit, pushed me into revisiting my writing.  And my two archangels, in unwitting partnership, shoved me over the cliff so I had no choice but to start flapping those wings or crash to the ground in a bloody pulp.

So here I am, flapping.  Kendall and I  hired an attorney, formed an LLC and launched Percussion Publishing; a website to frame our writing efforts and offer the benefit of our experience to others.   

I re-read and re-edited my first novel, written fifteen years ago.  Michele also gave it a thorough editing review, which has resulted in a little more work for me, for her commentary is incisive and true, but the end result is going to be something really good.  

And Kendall, way ahead of me on the writing curve, has a marketable book ready to go and another in the works.  He is a machine.

And so we are launching.  Wish us luck.