Vault 21-12 featured in (201) Magazine

NEW YORK: VAULT 21-12, Percussion Publishing's top-rated thriller, was recently featured in the local New Jersey monthly magazine, (201) Magazine. We congratulate Kendall Smith for this recent and local achievement. Kendall is a resident in Ridgewood, New Jersey, where (201) Magazine is circulated.

The 5-star rated thriller continues to be available on Amazon and Kindle.

Kindle Countdown Deal: Vault 21-12, Starts September 2nd

NEW YORK: Percussion Publishing is offering VAULT 21-12 for a limited time this week at a special rate for the forthcoming holiday weekend via Kindle devices.

Starting September 2nd, readers can buy VAULT 21-12 for $0.99 (Wednesday). Prices go up to $1.99 on Thursday and $2.99 the following day before returning to regular pricing. 

To date, Kendall Smith's novel has procured a 5-star rating and is available exclusively on Kindle and Amazon (print). The thriller touches on the history of World War Two, lost war booty and what remains hidden in a secret Swiss vault. Descendant Nazis are tipped off and set a lethal trap for the protagonists.

Vault 21-12, on sale this week for a limited time.

Vault 21-12, on sale this week for a limited time.

Special Offer: Vault 21-12 Free in August via Kindle Unlimited

NEW YORK: Percussion Publishing is providing Vault 21-12, our latest thriller, free to readers via the Kindle Unlimited program for the month of August.

Kindle Unlimited is currently available free to the public for a 30-day trial. During that time, over 800,000 books can be accessed. Thereafter, the charge is $9.99 a month. Free subscription details can be found here. Prime members automatically qualify for Kindle Unlimited services.

Vault 21-12 is rated 5 stars by Amazon / Kindle readers and is also available for purchase from Amazon ($12.45) and Kindle ($3.99).

Percussion Publishing Launches July 4th Holiday Promotion for Vault 21-12

NEW YORK: Percussion Publishing announced a special holiday promotion for their latest thriller, VAULT 21-12. Prices on Amazon and Kindle were lowered for the forthcoming July 4th holiday weekend, to $13.49 and $5.49, respectively.

To date, the title has received sixteen 5-star ratings and is garnering praise from readers. It represents one of the top-rated thrillers for the month of June.

The promotion will run from June 26th to July 6th and prices for both print and digital versions on Amazon/Kindle will increase thereafter.

Vault 21-12 Secures High Scores from Amazon Readers

NEW YORK: Vault 21-12 has secured high scores from reading, securing nine 5-star ratings from readers shortly after being released.

"We are pleased with the results. We hoped readers were as enthused with the story as we were when it was first brought to Percussion Publishing. Results are exceeding expectations."

VAULT 21-12 is presently available on Amazon,  Kindle and Nook digital services. Additional retail outlets will be announced in the near future.