Percussion Publishing’s Authors Team Up, Political Satire in the Works

NEW YORK:  Percussion Publishing will release a novella, consisting of two short stories by authors Presley Acuna and Kendall Smith in July of this year. Titled, Trumpicana, the fictional stories touch on the current state of American politics, the personalities involved and potential future consequences.

Presley Acuna, author of recent apocalyptic thriller, The Day and The Hour and Kendall Smith, the author of Vault 21-12 (2015), will jointly publish the work. Trumpicana will be seventy to ninety pages in length and made available on Amazon and Kindle for pre-order in the near future.

Kendall Smith’s story is titled “White House Arrest,” a comedic tale about a Presidential candidate, Ronald Drumpf, and a vindictive Director of the Secret Service. She has a score to settle with the man and fortunately, a multitude of Washington DC power brokers are ready to support her.

“This year’s election features one candidate who comes equipped with a gargantuan ego. As an author who appreciates satire, I feel obliged to give the man a good literary tar and feathering.”

Presley’s story, titled, “Performance Anxiety” posits a dystopian future set in the aftermath of a Trump Presidency, in which the way politics are conducted in America is profoundly changed.  Presidential run-offs are now Reality Show, televised competitions.  It is through the eyes of Senator Randall Bradley, the last establishment politician and a contestant, that we experience the final round of face-offs between him and his opponents, including such candidates as the Kennedybot, the Gipper Clones, and Mister X, a self-proclaimed super hero.

“This story is a broad satire, but also an important commentary about the de-evolution of our political process in America, and what the consequences of that might be if drawn out to a far-fetched but, then again, maybe not so far-fetched, conclusion.”

Pricing has yet to be determined. For media inquiries relating to Trumpicana, please email

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