In the year 2020, a Christ-like figure grows in power and influence, challenging human institutions and the global, geo-political balance. Only a doubting priest and a secret hidden by the Vatican for millennia can stop him.

The year 2020 is a year of crisis.  In the midst of the Times Square New Year's celebrations, an act of domestic terrorism kills hundreds.  A major  political leader is assassinated and a dirty bomb is detonated by an Islamic radical group.The world stands poised for Armageddon.

YORDON ANTROPOS, of the Mount Athos monasteries, appears on the scene manifesting Godly powers, performing miracles and inspiring a unification movement across all of Islam that creates a shift in the global balance of power and threatens established Governments and Religious Institutions.   

A revisionist priest of the Chicago Archdiocese, THOMAS PRISCIOTTI, is recruited by the Vatican to join a task force of military, political and religious leaders with the mission of thwarting Yordon's movement.  As the Christ-like demagogue grows in power and influence, Thomas' faith and fealty are increasingly challenged.  Only by reconciling his doubts and convictions will he be able to use a long kept secret, hidden by the Vatican for millennia, to save the world from this powerful, self-professed Messiah.